Family and Inheritance Law Firm

Founded over 30 years ago, the Pini Aviv Law office specializes in providing unique, creative family and inheritance law solutions, including property claims, financial support agreements, child custody, divorce agreements, inheritance claims, wills, and more.

Whether through negotiations and consolidation of legal agreements or through litigation and handling of claims in civil family and rabbinical courts, we accompany our clients throughout the legal process, and always strive to achieve the very best solutions for them. In addition to our professional legal services, we provide complementary services such as mediation and arbitration. When needed, we collaborate with top professionals in the fields of civil and commercial law such as: accounting, psychology, actuary, private investigation and more.

Understanding the significant role we carry in our clients' lives, we provide our clients with close and devoted accompaniment and focus on thorough, professional planning of relevant strategies, processes and means.

Along our years of activity, our office was responsible for handling well-known important cases, was involved in the creation of fundamental legal precedents, and represented key persons of the Israeli economy and public sectors, as well as artists and actors.

Our office maintains its top-quality position along many years, and is considered one of the leading family law offices in Israel. 

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